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Brightening the Holidays with Christmas Light Installation in Dallas, Texas

Decorating for the holidays is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the 1500s. People of those early days focused on adorning trees and simple evergreen displays, but Christmas décor has become a far more elaborate affair over the centuries. Today’s festive ornaments and dazzling light displays bring joy to those of all ages and can melt even the most Scrooge-like hearts.

Dazzling Holiday Displays without the Hassle

Of course, battling tangled masses of bulbs, dragging around bulky ladders, and perching in precarious places just to build a holiday display can put a damper on even the liveliest Christmas spirit. Testing fate from the rooftops is best left to Saint Nick and his antlered entourage or experts like us. 

We provide professional Dallas Christmas Light Installation, taking the stress and potential danger off your shoulders while allowing your family and neighbors to enjoy all the beauty and cheer of your brilliant display. No matter how extravagant your holiday decorating vision may be, our team can bring it to life.

How Our Holiday Lighting Installation Process Works

We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in creating a breathtaking holiday lighting display that’s sure to turn heads, all you have to do is call or contact us using the form we’ve provided to get the ball rolling.
Holiday Lighting
Professional Christmas Lighting

Get a Quote:

Once you’ve requested a quote, our Dallas holiday lighting installation team will come to your home or business to evaluate the situation. Simply tell us what you have in mind. We’ll take measurements, develop a plan, and give you a price.

Give Your Approval:

Our quote includes the cost of lights and additional materials, installation, service, and other essentials, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises along the way. After you approve the quote, we’ll schedule an installation appointment.

Fast, Professional Installation:

From there, our team will arrive quickly to begin installation. We provide fast, efficient installation, and we won’t walk away until you’re completely thrilled with the results. 

Ongoing Maintenance:

We’re all aware of how finicky Christmas lights can be. Bulbs burn out, connections work loose, and numerous other issues could arise. We offer maintenance and repairs all season long, so your display is just as impressive at the end of the holiday season as when it was first installed.

Removal and Storage:

All holiday seasons must come to a close at some point. Taking down all those lights and other décor can be just as frustrating and labor-intensive as putting them up to begin with. Finding a safe place to store it all is a challenge as well. We cover removal and storage for you, so all you have to do is let us know when you’re ready to have the display taken down.

On top of all that, we keep your décor on hand for next season.

When the holidays roll around again, we’ll be here to get your display back up and running. Keep in mind, the light cost is less up front because the lights are used for many seasons. If you decide to change the design or add new features, we’ll handle that as well.

Come to Us for a Stunning Holiday Display

From lighting up your home, trees, and bushes to hanging wreaths and garland, we cover all your Dallas Christmas decorating needs. We also offer a wide range of bulb types and decorative options to choose from. Call or contact us via the form on our website to get your holiday display underway. Be sure to get your request in early before the seasonal rush.
How it works:
$800 minimum to get started.
Christmas Light Installation in Dallas, Texas
  • Request a Quote - Get your design and schedule install quickly.
  • We Measure - Our responsive sales staff is will be dispatched right away to measure and schedule your service.
  • Approve the Quote - ​The price includes light rental, installation, service and storage. 
  • Our Crew Installs Quickly - We service you all season long and remove the lights too.
  • Removal and Storage - All lights are removed and stored for next season.
Christmas Light Installer Gives You Everything You Need For Fast, Easy Christmas Light Installation
Without The Complication.
Tanner Maxson Owner
"We started hanging lights back in 2005 when one of my lawn service clients asked us to install her roofline. It was a fun job and it seemed to fit in a time when our lawn service was experiencing a slow period in the schedule. Now we can't wait for this time of year. Christmas Light Installation is now a major part of our company and we look forward to serving your family this year. "
- Tanner Maxson
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